Farmerville High School Class of 1963 50th Reunion

October 19, 2013


Confederate Reunion

The Gazette
October 15, 1902

The old Confederates of  Union Parish held their annual reunion at Marion last Thursday; and in many respects it was the most successful meeting yet held. There was a large attendance of the old veterans and 27 new members were enrolled.

The camp met at the masonic hall and marched through the streets to the beautiful grove where the speaker’s stand had been erected. After prayer by Rev. J. H. Hughes, J. H. Anderson, Esq., was introduced and for 45 minutes by his wit and pathos moved the audience to alternate laughter and tears. Then dinner was announced and it is doubtful if ever such another dinner was spread in Union Parish. Provisions were plentiful and of the best, while the welcome was truly loyal. After dinner Hon. E. T. Sellers made one of his characteristic addresses. It was eloquent at all times and interspersed with anecdotes and reminiscences of soldier life which “the boys” all enjoyed immensely. He was followed by Rev. J. H. Hughes with a brilliant address on temperance.


U. C. V. Reunion

The Gazette
September 4, 1901

The Confederate Veterans’ reunion last Thursday, in Farmerville, was a very nice affair. The veterans, about 200 strong, some of whom were from Lincoln and Claiborne parishes, assembled at 10 o’clock in the morning in the court house, where they formed ranks and to the beat of the drum marched to the academy grove.

On arriving at the grove, after singing by the choir, Eld. J. H. Hughes offered the invocation. Judge R. B. Dawkins, J. H. Anderson, Esq., and Judge Allen Barksdale delivered appropriate and interesting addresses, and Miss Louise Trimble read the poem, entitled, “All Quiet Along the Potomac To-night.” Dinner was served on the grounds, and all seemed to enjoy the barbecued meats, salads, cakes and pies. After dinner the assemblage were entertained for an hour with stories, songs, etc. The crowd was estimated at 1200 people. The best of order prevailed during the day and everybody apparently had a nice time.


Confederate Reunion

The Gazette
November 7, 1900

Thursday, Nov. 15, is the time fixed for holding the Confederate reunion in Union Parish. We are requested to announce that all the colored people who served in the Confederate was will be expected to join in the march.

Reunion of Civil War Vets of Union Parish

From Lt. Elijah H. Ward Camp #1971, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Farmerville

“Reunion of Civil War Vets of Union Parish” Going to a Reunion in Meridian, Miss. – early 1920’s.

Union Parish contributed about twelve companies to the war effort, numbering as many as 1,100 men to defend our homes and families during the Civil War, mostly in the 31st La Infantry and the 17th La Infantry.

Attached you will see photo & index of Civil War Veterans who attended the Civil War Reunion in Meridian Miss, taken in the 1920s. Please comment.

The 1st veteran seated on left is Williamson Webster Cobb, (6th Louisiana Cavalry), who was grandfather of Audrey Cobb, who married my Aunt Mozelle McKinnie. Audrey & Mozelle owned “Cobb’s Cleaners” in Farmerville for many years.

If you have any family members in this or other photos, please forward to me, so we can share our heritage.

Don’t forget our Camp Meeting on Nov 9, 6:30pm at Savin’s Cajun Restaurant on Sterlington Road, Farmerville LA. We will see you there.

Fomby Family Reunion


William Jesse Fomby and Bertha Lee Tabor were married on March 23, 1918. They were the parents of eight children, Jesse Marvin, William Lee, Robert Laurence, Mary Beatrice, Doris Marie, Evelyn Aline and Tressie Lee. Their descendants gathered together on Saturday, October 21, 2017 at Monroe, Louisiana for their annual reunion.

Mrs. Tressie Upshaw, their only surviving child, was there with her son, Mike Upshaw and his wife Debi, her daughter, Debbie Upshaw, her grandson, Jacob Upshaw and his wife Sarah and their son Gabriel, and her granddaughter, Hannah Bustamante and her husband, Nicholas and their son.

The family was saddened at the lost of Robert L. Fomby on July 20, 2017 at the age of 94. He was deeply missed at this year’s get together. His wife of 71 years, Mrs. Lovie Fomby, attended the reunion with her daughters, Linda Brady and Cindy Dickenson and her husband, Dennis.

Harvey and Vicki Fleisher and David and Dede Fleisher were there from the family of Mary Beatrice Fleisher.

Leona Maroney  was also there from the Doris Crowell family.

Aunt Lovie was the oldest family member being 91 on October 13 and Hannah and Nick’s son was the youngest at 3 months.

Aunt Lovie was also the one who traveled the least from a half a mile down the street while Harvey and Vicki came the furthest.

The Upshaws had the most attending with ten. The family added five new members since our reunion last October, Roman Brady, Gabriel Upshaw, Camden Fleisher, Jasper and Anika Matheidas, the new granddaughter in law of Harvey and Vicki.  

Aunt Lovie and Aunt Tressie were presented a gift and Cindy gave the four babies a quilt that she made.

Harvey said the prayer before a wonderful barbecue meal and everyone enjoyed getting together to visit. Cindy had everyone comment on little things they remembered about their grandmother which led to a lengthy discussion of memories the family had. Everyone had a wonderful time and can’t wait for next year.

We all missed Scott, Stephanie, Anna Claire and Camden Fleisher. Stephanie’s grandmother passed away and they were not able to attend but they were in our thoughts. Sheryl and Gordon Hamilton as well as Rachel and Kevin Weant, were also missed. We are looking forward to having everyone there next year.

More pictures are on the way.